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Reason to Exercise

Reason to Exercise

Reason to Exercise

1. It will keep you in high spirits. Exercise has been shown to improve depression, stress and anxiety. After several months of exercise it’s been shown to give people with depression and anxiety an overall positive outlook. This means they are no longer deemed depressed. 

2. An obvious one, it strengths your body inside and out. Your heart will be healthier, your bones will be stronger, your eyesight will last longer, and it boosts your sperm count, gives you a good night’s rest, keeps you for ageing and reduces chronic pain.

3. It will keep the doctor away. Exercising on a regular basis has shown to boost immune system and helps your body fight off infections and viruses thus bringing your doctors bill down.

4. Set a great example for your kids. The obvious one here is that kids that don’t exercise enough and eat unhealthy food on a regular basis face life-threatening problems later in life. To add to that, it’s been proven that kids who can wait for a “treat” and practice self-control when it comes to unhealthy food are more likely to succeed in their adult years.

5. A couple that sweats together stays together. Reaching your fitness goals can be hard work and learning how to endure the rough days in gym to reach those goals with your partner can help you face difficult situations outside the gym. It’s also time set aside for a shared experience with your significant other which studies have shown to improve happiness and satisfaction with relationship.


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